Up to us to keep hawker trade booming

It cannot be denied that the hawker scene in Singapore is facing the prospect of gradually diminishing, with a growing number of young people looking to pursue other jobs with higher pay, shorter hours and less menial work.

Hence, I strongly support the move to assemble a committee to help hawkers and hawker centres evolve, in the hope of preserving the hawker trade ("Serving up help for hawkers and better hawker centres"; April 13).

Singapore's hawker culture is valuable to our national heritage, and the best way to preserve it would be to ensure the continuation of its existence.

The most compelling concern that we now face is the succession of hawker stalls, as the older generation of hawkers is bound to retire in the years to come.

The establishment of a committee may not be adequate in ensuring that this trade will not fade.

It is imperative that we, the inhabitants of this city, also recognise our role as supporters and patrons of hawker centres to keep the hawker trade vibrant and booming, to attract new hawkers and ensure the trade's sustainability.

Choun Ray Yi (Miss)