Unnecessary wastage in parking coupon replacement exercise

The authorities should not void all existing parking coupons, as consumers have paid for them in advance ("HDB, URA remind motorists that hike in parking charges take effect on Dec 1", ST Online; Nov 29).

Most motorists would usually keep a few parking coupon booklets. Aside from having to pay more for the new booklets, those motorists with old coupons also have to spend time and effort to get them exchanged.

Worse still, several of the service outlets had run out of stock.

Why not allow the existing coupons to be used until they are depleted?

Precious time and manpower have also been wasted by the various collection centres to take back the old coupons.

Also, these old coupons will all be destroyed. Just think of the money and resources that had been put into printing these coupons.

What happened to the ideas of productivity and being environmentally friendly?

Wong Kok Foo