Unexplained bus no-show

After arriving at Paya Lebar Camp bus stop at 1.35pm on Sept 17, I was awaiting the arrival of Service 70, towards the direction of Yio Chu Kang Road, to continue on my journey.

When the bus failed to arrive within 15 minutes, I checked the estimated bus arrival time using the SBS Transit Iris app. The app failed to provide any estimate and repeatedly flashed the "No estimate available" message.

In all, I stood at the bus stop for close to 50 minutes without Service 70 arriving. As I had to rush home, I had to resort to hailing a cab.

The unexplained lack of Service 70 is unacceptable and caused great inconvenience to other users besides me. A close to 50-minute wait for a bus is also not indicative of a First World transport system.

I hope that this will not be repeated in the future, and that follow-up steps will be taken to ensure regular frequency of bus services.

Considering that I tried lodging this complaint with both SBS Transit and the Land Transport Authority multiple times but could not get their websites to submit the form, it is evident that there are severe flaws in the feedback system.

Olive Lim Fang-Xin (Miss)