Uber: A customer's view

In recent weeks, there have been many reports about taxi companies and Uber ("Onus is on large taxi firms to improve service" by Mr Gurmit Singh Kullar ; July 1, and "Back to the days of 'pirate' taxis?"; June 25").

We hear about Uber taking away business from the incumbents, and how the playing field is uneven.

My wife and daughter are regular Uber customers. During morning and evening peak hours, it is almost impossible to get a cab. That is when companies like Uber provide a useful service.

During peak hours, it costs less to use Uber compared with regular taxis. Perhaps taxi operators could consider lowering their surcharges.

Uber is also more convenient, as no cash payment is involved. We do not need to worry about not having enough cash to pay the fare or whether the driver has enough change for larger denominations of cash.

Commuters also feel more secure when travelling by Uber, having the name of the driver and car registration number on record.

So far, the feedback I have gathered from others about Uber is positive. The drivers are courteous, know their routes well, and most people will continue to use the service.

Albert Wong Kwan Wei