TOC must clarify its intentions

The Online Citizen editor Terry Xu arriving at the State Courts on Dec 13, 2018. PHOTO: ST FILE

Local mainstream media companies do employ foreign writers.

But what is disturbing about The Online Citizen's (TOC)'s articles criticising Singapore is that they were masqueraded as pieces written by Singaporeans when in fact the writers were foreigners. (S'pore needs laws to tackle foreign meddling in its affairs: Shanmugam, Sept 26).

When exposed, its editor, Mr Terry Xu, was not apologetic, but simply said that he vets every article before it is published online.

But why did Mr Xu allow foreigners to write negative articles about Singapore and then pass them off as being written by Singaporeans?

Going forward, will TOC declare openly when the articles are written by foreigners? Can TOC assure Singaporeans that it will not lie about its writers' backgrounds again?

Foreigners should never be allowed to meddle in Singapore matters.

Chng Hui Ling‬

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