Tips from Japanese on cutting grass

The unfortunate mishap involving Mr Michael Goh Keng Guan's car window was an accident waiting to happen (Look into dangers of grass cutting; Feb 6).

I dread to think what would have happened had the projectile hit someone in the eye.

In a trip I made to Hokkaido last year, I was particularly impressed with the way they cut grass.

I saw a grass cutter accompanied by two men pushing a screen alongside the grass cutter.

It was meant to prevent stones or any projectiles from flying and hitting anything on the road.

Even in such a rural area where they were hardly any vehicles, much less pedestrians, the extent to which the Japanese went to ensure safety impressed me.

The emphasis the Japanese place on safety is world-class.

In Singapore, one of the most highly urbanised countries in the world, it is high time we stop leaving it to chance and look into some safety measures that should be in line with our first-world reputation.

Andrew Chia

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