Those representing S'pore should be true-blue S'porean

If only citizens are allowed to take part in the Miss Universe Singapore and Miss World Singapore pageants, then the same criterion should also apply to the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant (Contestants may not be Singaporean enough, say netizens; July 16).

I strongly agree that a person representing our country should be more Singaporean in every aspect.

By participating in an international contest, she would also be serving as an ambassador for our country, and this requires her to be able to project herself as a typical Singaporean.

Hence, having sound general knowledge of our local political, social and economic issues will stand her in good stead.

I do not think permanent residents are better equipped with such knowledge to relate to an international audience, especially in matters pertaining to our Singaporean culture and life.

Additionally, there should be stricter control and more selectivity over the calibre and eligibility of those accepted into the contest.

If there are not enough suitable contestants, then the pageant should be called off.

We must not compete in an international beauty contest just for the sake of competing. Doing so will do us more harm than good.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng