Telcos should work with police to stop scammers

Solid staff training is vital to prevent people from losing money in scams ("Beware, that 'admin fee' for your parcel may be a scam"; May 30).

It is helpful that the public has been alerted to such scams.

Everyone has to stay alert, for scammers and hackers will go all out to make a quick buck.

I have received scam messages in Chinese twice on my mobile phone.

I wonder how these scammers get the phone numbers of people like me. I did not put my phone number up on social media.

When I raised the matter with Singtel, I was informed that it could act on the complaint only if the same phone number appears three times.

I am sure scammers are aware of this policy and use different phone numbers to avoid detection.

Perhaps it is time for collaboration between the police and telcos.

Raymond Anthony Fernando