Telco contract over the phone: StarHub replies

We thank Mr Heng Cho Choon for his feedback and apologise for the inconvenience caused ("Is telco contract made over the phone valid?"; Forum Online, Oct 11).

There are several ways in which consumers can sign up for our pay-TV services. These include visiting StarHub shops in person, signing up via our website, and calling our hotline.

For the renewal of pay-TV services, many of our customers prefer to do so over the phone for the speed and convenience.

That is why, in Mr Heng's case, one of our service staff called him to discuss renewal options for his pay-TV contract.

The staff member then obtained Mr Heng's verbal agreement to continue with the service.

As verbal contracts are binding, we record all phone calls made between our service personnel and customers for added consumer protection.

We assure Mr Heng that a copy of the full contract will be mailed to him as soon as the sales order has been processed and completed.

We have reviewed our conversation with Mr Heng and acknowledge that there was some miscommunication between the service staff member and Mr Heng, resulting in an unsatisfactory experience for Mr Heng.

We have since engaged the staff member concerned, reiterating the importance of paying close attention to customers' requests.

In the meantime, we are reaching out to Mr Heng and will be providing further assistance to him.

Angeline Tan (Ms)
Assistant Manager
Corporate Communications