Take care of current and future generations

Our successful Singapore has been due to the work of our leaders over five decades. Without good and honest leadership, we wouldn't be where we are now, with most things running smoothly.

Nothing is perfect in this world. That applies to our Government as well. But it has continued to do its best, asking for feedback and incorporating them in its policies.

People overseas envy us for having a good government.

Poverty and corruption are rife in neighbouring countries. We have good public housing, even rivalling some private housing.

There is a danger that as we demand more and get more handouts from the Government, we will lose the qualities of fortitude and self-reliance that our forefathers possessed.

Our leaders must be forward-looking; they must grow the economy; be compassionate and help the less fortunate and less well off; and yet, must ensure that we save something for the next generation.

Kou Jong Mui (Madam)