Supplementary credit cards can exist without main cards

Many credit-card holders here have supplementary cards associated with their main cards. But many card holders probably do not know that the supplementary cards can exist on their own, and incur annual subscription fees, even after the main cards have been cancelled.

My husband had Citibank Visa and Master credit cards with supplementary cards assigned to me. We called last month to terminate all the main cards and supplementary cards with the bank.

But for some reason, Citibank omitted to cancel the supplementary cards.

We were therefore surprised when we learnt recently that we were still billed for annual subscription fees for the supplementary cards.

We called Citibank, and its representative informed us that the supplementary cards can still exist on their own despite the main cards having been cancelled.

This has implications for main card holders who have cancelled their main cards but are unaware that their supplementary cards continue to function.

Mok Wai Har (Ms)