Suggestions to revive Great Singapore Sale

The decline in retail sales during the Great Singapore Sale period is a concern ("Great S'pore Sale not so great any more"; Sept 19).

However, this is to be expected, given the slowdown in the global economy.

To attract more tourists, perhaps sales could go hand in hand with culture preservation. Bigger discounts could be given to tourists if they visit more attractions here. To log their visits, a tourism passport could be created.

Retailers, especially smaller ones, could share shop space, to reduce rental costs, and hence, product prices.

Perhaps the Great Singapore Sale could be held at the end of the year instead. Shoppers can use this opportunity to buy Christmas presents and clothes for Chinese New Year, for example.

This is also a celebratory period for most students, and holding the sale during this period will attract many of them.

Ooi Po Yee (Miss)