Styrofoam melted in contact with hot food

THE Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) has said that disposable utensils used in Singapore are safe ("Safety of disposable utensils: AVA replies"; Forum Online, last Saturday).

I recently purchased a deep fried chicken from a stall in Jurong. When the stallholder placed it in a styrofoam box, the top of the box melted upon contact with the chicken, leaving part of the chicken protruding out of the box.

When I told the stallholder that this could be harmful, she dismissed my concerns, saying that the authorities had not stopped them from using these containers.

However, surely, when styrofoam melts in contact with hot food, chemicals are released into the food, given the proximity. So, are these styrofoam containers really safe for use?

Lim Tong Wah