Stop the killing, don't eat whale meat

I read with distaste how whale meat has been served up to foreigners in Japan ("Japan's Tokyo district tries to reel in tourists with whale meat"; ST Online, Oct 9).

Saying that the whales are caught for science is just a lame excuse.

I understand that it is a common delicacy in Japan and a few other countries, along with dolphin meat.

However, whales are endangered worldwide and, by serving them up to people, both locals and tourists only compound the problem of how to save the whales.

The international ban on whaling appears not to have worked to stop the activity, as there are many ways for the perpetrators to get around it ("Japan to resume whaling in Antarctic despite protests"; Dec 1).

And we cannot always rely on environmental organisations to patrol the oceans to stop the whalers.

People should stop eating whale meat if they truly want to be environmentally conscious, as is the case with shark's fins.

We, too, should refrain from buying whale products when we are overseas in countries such as Japan.

If there is little or no demand for these products, companies would cease to sell or produce them.

Lee Kay Yan (Miss)