Stop aggressive hawking of tissue paper

The selling of tissue paper is a disguised form of begging, and in this day and age in Singapore, begging is a matter of choice, not necessity.

I am therefore distressed to see what seems to be an increasing number of tissue paper sellers in our foodcourts and malls.

Some of these sellers appear to be non-Singaporeans, and are extremely aggressive. For example, at Jem and Westgate malls in Jurong East, these tissue sellers, mainly elderly people who appear to be from China, would even venture into eateries and wave the tissue packets in diners' faces.

Surely there are schemes to help the destitute in Singapore? An over-proliferation of tissue sellers is a blight on our image as a First World country, and allowing them to operate freely only encourages more people to enter this trade.

I hope the authorities will put an end to such a practice.

Michael Loh Toon Seng (Dr)