Stiffer penalties needed for use of mobile phones while driving

Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed a number of road accidents resulting from cars veering out of control.

I wonder how many of these accidents were caused by drivers who were using mobile phones at the time.

There certainly seems to be more driversusing mobile phones while driving.

More disturbing is seeing drivers not using their hands-free sets. They hold their mobile phones in one hand and steer their vehicle with the other.

Drivers on phones fail to realise that, often, their cars slow down significantly when they are using the phone, resulting in road hogging. They also often fail to observe proper lane discipline.

It is not only car drivers who are doing this but, frighteningly, lorry drivers too.

Perhaps the authorities should impose stiffer penalties for drivers who break these laws and also have better enforcement of the law.

These irresponsible drivers pose a grave danger to other road users, particularly cyclists and pedestrians.

Peter Chan