Stalls at tourist spots shouldn't take advantage of visitors

My husband and I visited the Bird Park recently. When we were there, we met a family of five, including a very young child, who were visiting the park for the first time.

After the bird show, the family went to the only available stall to buy a drink.

They were obviously surprised by the price, which was $2 for a bottle of water and $3.50 for other bottled drinks. They left without buying anything.

It seems unfair for stalls like this one to be charging so much at a prominent tourist spot.

One solution could be to place water coolers around the park. A box could be placed next to the water cooler with a sign reading "Only $1 for a drink" so that visitors would be compelled to drop a dollar or two in, even though the drink is free.

Knowing that there are water coolers available could even induce visitors to visit the far reaches of the park.

Vivien Tan (Mrs)