Spring surprises on visitors to hot spring

In connection with the plan to develop the Sembawang Hot Spring site, it might be a good idea to spring some surprises on those visiting the attraction when it is fully completed in 2019 (Floral walk, cafe to add sizzle to hot spring; Nov 26).

First, have a designated compound where testimonials from people who experienced health benefits from the spring water are displayed.

These accounts must be authentic and supported by medical specialists so that they carry some weight.

Those people who benefited from the spring water could also volunteer to give talks at the compound.

Another idea is to organise a lucky draw for people who visit the site to collect spring water.

This can be done electronically and a random winner could be picked each month.

The prize - 100 bottles of spring water.

Singaporeans love lucky draws and the queues will swell if such a scheme is introduced.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip