S'poreans cared for, cradle to grave

Two recent health incidents have helped me to reach the conclusion that Singaporeans have everything to thank the Government for.

Recently, I visited a private clinic because of eye, nose and throat infections.

The doctor concluded that my symptoms are haze-related and asked me to pay only $5 - thanks to the Government's Haze Subsidy Scheme - instead of the bill of $42.95.

Also, because of my bad teeth, I went to a private dental clinic to seek treatment.

The work done on scaling, polishing and fillings came to $355.50, but as a pioneer generation beneficiary, I was asked to pay only $6.

Upon reflection, the Government is taking care of its citizens from the cradle to the grave.

When one is born in Singapore, one is welcomed with a big "Baby Bonus", with generous paternity leave given.

One's health is also fully covered with the latest MediShield Life scheme.

On entering school, one needs to pay either nothing or very low school fees from primary school to tertiary institutions, with further help from the Government to maximise one's holistic development through the Edusave scheme.

After leaving one's educational institution, it is not too difficult to find a job as the Government has planned ahead and tailored courses to the needs of the nation's industries.

In planning to get married, one is also assured of a home by the Housing Board, with generous subsidies and loan terms.

No other government in the world is doing as much for its citizens as the Singapore Government.

Raymond Lo Wan Mou