Speed up work on cycling infrastructure, rules

There has been a lot of debate over cyclists coexisting with other road and path users and, now, over bicycle licensing.

This points to an urgency for the Government to speed up its work on at least three areas, which have been touched on numerous times.

First, putting in place a set of unambiguous rules for cyclists, and bicycles, to coexist with other road users.

Second, education of the rules and regulations for the intended road situation for all citizens. This can be done through community centres for adults and the elderly, as well as through schools and education institutions for younger citizens.

Lastly, infrastructure which caters to cyclists should be expanded to the whole country and built at a faster pace.

Meanwhile, we, as good citizens, should practise what we have been taught all these years - be courteous to one another.

Being polite and understanding to one another will help us coexist amicably on pavements and roads while proper infrastructure is being built.

Annie Ng Lee Hoon (Ms)