Smoking on balconies can also pose fire risk

Mr Paul Philpott's suggestion on regulating "smoke drift" shows that this is a concern not just in Singapore but all over the world (Protect HDB residents from second-hand smoke too; July 6).

I hope the authorities will seriously look at cigarette litter and smoking on balconies.

Residents in both public and private housing who smoke should be given guidelines, if it is going to be allowed to continue.

Last year, a lighted cigarette thrown from one of the upper floors landed on my window ledge, where I hanging my laundry. It could have very easily started a fire.

It left me fearful. What if there is an incident at night or when I am out, with only my six-year-old son and my 81-year-old mother in the flat?

The recent fire in London's Grenfell Tower is a good reminder of the danger of unbridled fire and the destruction it can cause.

Singapore should implement regulations, and for the first few months, there should be a hotline for residents/landlords to clarify any doubts and also to provide help to smokers if they need more information on how to quit smoking.

I hope we can all work towards a safer and healthier environment for all to enjoy.

Lee Siew Keng (Madam)