Smaller food portions help reduce wastage

I agree with Mr Ng Chee Kheon's call for agencies and stakeholders to make healthier food choices "the rule, rather than the exception" ("Make healthier food choice the default option"; March 16).

Most customers do not specify their choice of serving size when ordering their food or drinks, and are, by default, served larger portions.

For instance, some foodcourt operators, such as food outlets in some hospitals, serve desserts in large portions.

Apart from wastage from the leftover food, it is also not healthy for patients, hospital staff and visitors to consume large servings of sweet desserts.

Customers should instead be served a default healthier, smaller portion, unless they request otherwise.

Food stalls can also be encouraged to offer smaller portions for children, and charge accordingly.

Such a practice can also help reduce food wastage and perhaps lower food prices.

Tan Keong Boon