Singapore, Malaysia need to look forward, not dig up past issues

The recent revival of the water dispute between Singapore and Malaysia appears as though the two nations are looking back into the past and digging up old grievances instead of being forward-looking (S'pore and Malaysia must comply fully with 1962 water treaty: MFA; June 26).

Singapore has always had a close relationship with our bordering neighbour, Malaysia, in many sectors such as trade and security.

By dredging up the past, both countries are reopening old wounds and souring the wholesome relationship that has been established.

If the issue cannot be overlooked, then there needs to be a healthy solution that does not marginalise either party, so as to maintain good ties.

If not, this may lead to the freezing of bilateral ties.

We should bury the hatchet and focus more on joint developments and projects that are beneficial to both nations.

Xavier Poh Qin You