Share details on heritage building's preservation

I welcome the building of a swimming complex in Sembawang town ("Sembawang to get hawker centre, swimming complex"; Aug 15).

However, I am disappointed by the choice of the location.

Two questions come to mind.

First, why was the original planned location along Sembawang Avenue more than 30 years ago dropped? I do not see any major development on that plot, which is still an empty piece of land waiting to be developed.

Second, why choose a site that would involve Admiralty House, or Command House as it is popularly known among the older people who have lived in Sembawang for many years? It is a heritage building with many links to the history of the town. 

How are the authorities going to preserve the tunnel at the site and its charm? It is more than just preserving the trees around the site.

I hope that the authorities can review the issue and stick to the original planned location.

If that cannot be done, I hope strenuous efforts are made to record the history of the new site before any work commences.

Leong Kok Seng