Set up temporary park in Orchard Road

Every Sunday thousands of foreign domestic workers congregate in the Orchard Road area for picnics and gatherings.

They used to have much more space for their activities in the past, but now, that space has been taken up by ION Orchard.

Some of the foreign workers gather in groups and lay mats along the pedestrian walkway to sit on to enjoy their meal, oblivious of the pedestrians whose paths they block.

I am sure they would appreciate it if they could be provided with an alternative spot to hold their weekend gatherings.

I notice there is a piece of land bounded by Orchard Boulevard, Orchard Turn and Orchard Link which is not being utilised at the moment.

Perhaps this could be converted into a temporary park for the workers.

There is no need for elaborate infrastructural investment - just clear the weeds, level the ground, put up some wrought-iron benches and rubbish bins, plant some hedges along the perimeter to provide privacy, and install street lamps to light up the space, and we will have a resting area for foreign workers, locals and tourists.

Allow some fast food joints, such as KFC, McDonald's or Jollibee, to set up shop there and we will certainly bring in the crowds.

Tan Chin Hwee