Service quality depends on management's attitude

While some companies blame poor service on manpower shortage, a lot of it depends on the management's attitude towards customers.

A new iPhone 6 Plus I bought was not functioning properly, so I took it the next day to authorised Apple repair centre QCD Technology.

The customer service officer, Lorelei, did her best to address my concerns. When she could not fully resolve them, she sought help from her manager, who ordered a full diagnostic test to be done. Within 30 minutes, they identified the problem and gave me a replacement phone. I left the service centre delighted with the experience.

In contrast, my experience at the Samsung service centre was frustrating. My Samsung Tab 8.0 has been giving me problems. Each time the problem recurs, I am told to take it to the service centre for repair. I have done so a few times.

I asked a customer service manager to raise the matter with her superiors but was bluntly told her decision was final.

How a company addresses a customer's problem makes a real difference. QCD Technology's service centre does not look as slick as Samsung's, but its service is far better.

Patrick Tan Siong Kuan