Samsung: Reply on service quality

We thank Mr Patrick Tan Siong Kuan for his letter ("Service quality depends on management's attitude"; Forum Online, July 19).

Samsung is committed to good customer service and we regret Mr Tan's unpleasant experience.

Mr Tan visited Samsung's customer service centre with his Galaxy Note 8.0 on Aug 16 last year. Our customer service officer repaired his tablet for free as a goodwill gesture, even though the one-year product warranty on his tablet had expired.

On June 17 this year, Mr Tan wrote to us and said his Galaxy Note 8.0 was giving him problems and requested a free repair. Our customer service officer explained to him that Samsung was unable to accede to his request as the product warranty on his device had expired and we had already provided a free repair previously.

Mr Tan was invited to take his device to any of our customer service centres for evaluation, which he declined.

Recently, on July 1, Mr Tan called our customer service hotline and reiterated his request for a free repair, and made an additional request, for a new one-year warranty on his Galaxy Note 8.0 after the repair.

As a gesture of goodwill, our customer service officer offered to repair his tablet for free but we were unable to provide a new one-year product warranty.

Mr Tan was insistent that we provide either free repair with a new warranty, or a one-for-one exchange of his device.

We would like to once again extend our goodwill offer of a free repair for Mr Tan's Galaxy Note 8.0, although the product warranty on his device has expired.

Mr Tan is invited to call our customer service hotline on 1800-726-7864, or visit any of our customer service centres if he would like to accept our offer.

Esther Low (Ms)

PR Manager

Samsung Electronics Singapore