Safety of PMDs a key focus for Schaeffler

We thank Ms Wendy Yuen Woon Yoke for her letter (Focus on safety features in development of PMDs; March 23).

We agree that improving the safety of personal mobility devices (PMD) is important. It is one of the key research areas of the Schaeffler Hub for Advanced Research at Nanyang Technological University (Share at NTU).

It was reported that the joint research lab will focus on studying various aspects of personal urban mobility and intelligent transportation systems (New lab aims to transport you to the future; March 21).

This includes studying the behaviour of PMD users and the development of "smart onboard units" that will warn PMD users of potential road hazards, so as to enhance safety for all road users, including cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

The safety and reliability of these new technologies will be widely studied, and the secure roads of the NTU campus provide a unique opportunity to demonstrate these PMDs in a low-risk setting before deployment on public roads.

This will include developing applications that will allow PMDs to interact seamlessly and safely with the traffic infrastructure and vehicles around them, using an industry standard vehicle-to-everything wireless communication technology.

The electric skateboard showcased at the announcement of the new lab is among several futuristic transportation prototypes which are under development at Schaeffler.

Together with NTU, Schaeffler hopes to design and develop better PMDs which are well suited to the needs of Singapore and its population.

Ashish Shukul

Director, Communications and Marketing Asia Pacific

Schaeffler Singapore