Safety is a personal responsibility

I am sad to read letters by readers deriding Pokemon Go ("Think twice about giving Pokemon Go-ahead" by Ms Estella Young, and "Make firm accountable for game-linked endangerment" by Mr Matthew Ong Koon Lock; both published on July 21).

All games, be they Pokemon Go, League Of Legends or Overwatch, are meant to be enjoyed. Instead, a small faction tends to oversensationalise a certain aspect of a game and make the game seem bad.

In truth, I see more merits in Pokemon Go than any other game so far. I have made several new friends through the various Pokemon Facebook and Telegram groups, and tried new (and good) food during meet-ups - and the game hasn't even been launched in Singapore yet.

Yes, there are dangers in having our heads bowed before the "almighty" Pokemon Go while walking. But many non-Pokemon players do this as well. We, too, walk from Point A to Point B with our eyes glued to our Korean dramas, e-mail, anime shows, Kindle books and movies.

If we meet with an accident while using our devices, can we hold Hollywood responsible? No, we can't. And we cannot hold Apple, Samsung or Sony responsible either.

Safety is a personal responsibility. Negligence of safety is a personal choice.

Pokemon Go creator Niantic Labs has done its part in warning all users to be careful and stay safe. The rest is up to us.

Brian Seah Shi Xu