Road widening works in Punggol Way

We refer to Mr Ong Ka Hoe's letter (Impose more stringent rules on roadworks; July 5).

Mr Ong cited "a big hole" along Punggol Way, where no apparent construction work was observed.

We would like to clarify that HDB is carrying out excavation works as part of widening works along this stretch of road.

A new road divider is being built where the road has been excavated.

The reconstruction of the central divider requires the contractor to excavate the road and then cast concrete for the foundation for the precast kerbs to sit on.

The backfilling of the earth can take place only when the concrete has gained sufficient strength.

The affected areas will be reinstated as the works complete progressively over the next few months.

Meanwhile, regular housekeeping and vector control is being carried out on site. We thank Mr Ong for his feedback.

Chua Kok Eng
Director (Infrastructure & Reclamation)
Housing & Development Board