Right mindset essential in discovering passion

As a student, I am attracted to the issue of understanding one's interest and the pursuit of one's passion ("Her drawing skill helped her get into course of choice"; June 22).

After 18 years of education, I have landed in a private university and a course which is different from my initial aspiration.

Life goes on, even with changes. Thus, I urge parents to stay calm when their children switch subjects or interests as they progress on their educational journey.

Most importantly, parents should allow their children in primary school to explore more options.

When they gain more exposure and experiences, they are more likely to understand what suits them better.

There are three steps to gaining expertise. First, set a stretch goal with narrowed aspect. Second, carry on with undivided attention. Third, embrace feedback.

Indeed, having the right mindset is an essential characteristic and practice which students should possess.

For me, I may have discovered my interest late, but I do not regret the learning process.

I hope the young ones will not give up under pressure. They can begin by building their leadership skills, principles and habits, and by doing what they love to do, on top of excelling academically.

Parents, too, should let their children shine with the right mindset and explore their interests early. This is one effective way to help them grow intellectually and independently.

Lee Zhao Zhen (Miss)