Responsible treatment of all donations from public must be given top priority

The report about a social service worker pocketing more than $340,000 from the Community Care Endowment Fund is disconcerting ("He used money for poor to buy luxury goods"; Dec 10).

It is only one of several fraud cases relating to public donation money of late.

There should be tighter controls and checks of money that is being donated.

I recently made a $100 donation to a welfare organisation and submitted it in an envelope it had provided.

It was stated that a tax receipt would be issued for donations of $100 and above.

After waiting about a month for my receipt, I sent two e-mail messages to the organisation over a two-day period. I received no reply.

I followed up again, this time with telephone calls. On the second call, I was able to talk to the correct person, who told me that a receipt had been sent but might have been misplaced during the mail delivery.

I received the receipt two days later - a new receipt dated two days earlier.

The organisation did not handle public donations responsibly.

Responsible treatment of all donations from the public must be given top priority.

Henry Ong Kok Seong