Remembering Mr Lee's contributions

Given the great contributions of founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, it is natural that people will organise events to commemorate him on the first anniversary of his death ("Family feud over how to mark LKY's death spills out online"; April 11).

My wife, son and I were among the thousands who queued for hours last year to pay our last respects to Mr Lee.

I understand Dr Lee Wei Ling's good intention to remind us that Mr Lee did not want hero worship.

But Dr Lee need not worry. Singaporeans are pragmatic and level-headed and would not be prone to blind hero-worship.

What was on display was not hero worship, but the remembrance of a man and his works in building Singapore up into what it is today.

On the first anniversary of Mr Lee's death, my wife and I shared Mr Lee's history and contributions towards Singapore's independence and nation building with our son.

It is our hope that the younger generation remembers what it took to take Singapore from Third World to First, so that they will fiercely guard and protect what we have now.

Sim Lim Onn