Rejecting 'fixed legal fee' proposal troubling


The Law Ministry's decision to remove the proposal for fixed or scaled legal fees in the ongoing civil justice review, without an alternative proposal for how legal fees should be kept affordable, is of concern (MinLaw removing proposal for fixed legal fees; Nov 24).

Trusted and affordable legal representation is vital to the healthy functioning of any society.

When legal costs become out of reach of ordinary citizens, or escalates disproportionately against the quantum in question, justice is not served.

While it is understandable that those in the legal profession would be resistant to any kind of fee caps or benchmarks, it is the duty of the Government to balance narrow industry interests against the wider welfare of society (Lawyers raise concerns over move to cut fees; Nov 14).

Not taking any action to curb excesses in the legal industry could potentially not only lead to a miscarriage of justice, but also run the risk of undermining local and foreign confidence in Singapore's legal system.

Andrew Tan Chong Hee