Recontract process: StarHub replies

We thank Mr Jairam Amrith for his feedback and apologise for the inconvenience he experienced in renewing his pay TV and broadband contracts recently ("Telco's recontract process raises questions"; Forum Online, Aug 25).

Prior to the expiry of his contracts, we had kept him informed of our promotional offers via e-mail before a third-party telemarketer reached him on the phone earlier in August to offer several recontract options.

We assure Mr Amrith that StarHub respects its customers' data privacy, and we have put in place strict security measures to ensure their personal data is protected at all times.

Customers can find out more about StarHub's personal data protection policy at

From time to time, we have to engage third-party companies to enhance our capability to reach our customers.

Necessary steps are taken to ensure our partners have only the bare minimum amount of customer information in order to provide proper assistance to our customers.

For customers' convenience and to place control of subscription of services in the hands of our customers, we offer the My StarHub app that allows them to conveniently check their service contract expiry dates, access bills, subscribe to value-added services or locate the nearest StarHub shops from their mobile phones.

To avoid confusing customers, service contract expiry information is not printed on the bills because customers may have separate contracts for add-on packs or channels that have different contract end dates from their main services.

We are pleased to update that Mr Amrith has renewed his contracts for pay TV and fibre broadband services.

Due to an isolated system issue, we could e-mail the soft copy of the contracts to him only two days after we assisted him on contract renewal on the phone.

We have contacted Mr Amrith and addressed his concerns.

Cassie Fong (Ms)

Senior Manager

Corporate Communications