Rebuilding parts of heritage building not the answer

I am extremely disappointed about plans to demolish (then later rebuild) parts of the Ellison Building to construct the new North-South Corridor and the rationale behind the decision ("Tunnel works to affect heritage building"; Aug 18).

The Ellison Building is gazetted by the Urban Redevelopment Authority as a conserved building due to its historical legacy.

The decision to tear down parts of the building only to replicate and reconstruct it once the expressway is constructed does not make sense from a heritage point of view.

Replication and reconstruction should be employed only when the historical artefact or structure has already been demolished or is so damaged that there is an urgent need to repair and possibly rebuild it.

In the case of the Ellison Building, the structure is sound and still standing. To tear it down then reconstruct it would be to deny its true heritage and history.

While the state does have the legal authority to demolish parts of the building even though it is a conserved building, I urge the authorities to reconsider this decision and, if need be, alter the route of the North-South Corridor.

A slight bend in the expressway would not be detrimental to the driving experience of motorists. After all, there are already expressways in Singapore where there are slight bends.

Han Ming Guang

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