Quality and good service a good retail formula

Japanese brands focus a lot on the quality of their products ("Japanese brands doing well despite local retail slump"; April 25).

This is unlike some local and international brands.

For instance, some companies supply products with the notion that "more is better". So, they use the cheapest possible labour and raw materials to reduce the manufacturing cost.

In addition, the idea that quantity is better than quality seems to be entrenched in many consumers, as they are able to get more products at cheaper prices.

However, this is not sustainable.

Low-quality products do not last, and consumers gradually find themselves having to purchase more of the product they need.

The product that has failed them several times will likely cause them to switch to other brands.

Along with good quality, Japanese brands provide commendable service. The two factors go hand in hand, instilling brand loyalty among customers.

This is how they stay on an even keel when the retail market is turbulent.

Clarice Ho Si Hui (Ms)