Public should help prevent falls among the elderly

An elderly woman walking down a flight of stairs.
An elderly woman walking down a flight of stairs.PHOTO: KOPITIAM LENGKOK BAHRU

While the project to help the elderly prevent falls is a good idea, public education on the susceptibility of the elderly to falls is also essential ("Project to reduce seniors' risk of falling"; last Friday).

A significant number of falls occur in public places, especially in crowded areas and aboard moving vehicles, such as buses and trains.

I have seen old people shoved while in shopping malls and on escalators, and denied seats on public transport.

Bus drivers are also known to accelerate or brake suddenly, causing standing passengers to lose their balance.

We may attribute this behaviour to the fast pace of life here, but I have not observed such a marked degree of disregard for the elderly in foreign countries I have visited.

It is a trend I find extremely troubling.

Oh Jen Jen (Dr)