Provide more options for ActiveSG credit usage

From the Guide To The SG50 Senior Package booklet I received, there is an extra top-up of $25 to the current amount of $100 given to ActiveSG credit members.

Many have enrolled in this programme but few, including myself, have fully utilised it. The situation is further exacerbated as the expiry date ends in December.

Hopefully, the scheme can be further tweaked to make it more flexible for members.

Options include:

- Extending the deadline.

- Allowing its use in paying for registration fees for health seminars.

- Payment of registration fees to allow members' participation in qigong, taiji and other non-competitive sports.

- Payment to purchase health accessories such as dumbbells and skipping ropes for exercising at home, as many elderly find exercising in the gym too strenuous. Many elderly ActiveSG members cannot utilise public swimming pools, too, as they are unable to swim.

- Health supplement purchases can also be considered.

- Community clubs can consider participating in this scheme so that ActiveSG members will have more options to utilise their credit.

- More coverage for this scheme on social media as many are still unaware of it.

- Any unused points after their expiry dates could be used in allowing disabled members to buy items, such as walking sticks, knee guards and so on, to aid in their daily lives.

Patrick Tan Keong Boon