Pro-family workplace helps parents

A mother and her son walking to school together.
A mother and her son walking to school together.PHOTO: ST FILE

We thank Mr Elvin Foong for emphasising the importance of strong families and how they form the bedrock of a strong society (More can be done to help parents build strong families, Aug 26).

Strong support from employers is crucial to complement the Government's efforts in providing pro-family schemes and leave benefits.

Employers too play an increasingly important role in cultivating pro-family workplaces and encouraging a family-friendly culture to support working parents.

To encourage more employers to be family-friendly, the Families for Life Council organises the annual My Family Weekend initiative, where employers adopt practices such as a Bring Your Family to Work Day or early release for employees for Eat With Your Family Day on the Teachers' Day school holiday, which fell on Sept 6 this year.

On this day, working parents have to find alternative child-caring arrangements for their children.

To build a pro-family workplace, the Council also offers a suite of complimentary family life education programmes for workplaces and the community through its Family 365 initiative.

These programmes help to equip individuals with the knowledge and tips to enrich and strengthen their family life. They also encourage parents to spend more time with their families.

Though the parenting journey may be challenging, parents can empower themselves through information that is available online at sites like the Families for Life website (

Sher-li Torrey

Families for Life Council member

Founder, Mums @ Work Singapore