Priority passes make it easier for people to give up seats

There has been much effort put into encouraging Singaporeans to give up priority seats on public transport to those who need them.

However, a prominent issue with the system of priority seats is that not all sickness and discomfort can be seen.

For example, a woman in the early stages of pregnancy or a man with a hidden disability falls into the "needy" category, but is not given priority seats, mainly because the discomfort is not visible.

The solution to this is an improved system where people in need can apply for priority passes.

Such a system is used in many other parts of the world, such as in Taiwan and London.

Of course, it is hard to be sure that commuters will give up their seats, even when they see a priority pass.

The gracious act of offering others help has to come from the heart.

But, hopefully, with the introduction of this system, people will have less doubt on whether a person is really in need, and will be less hesitant to give up their seats.

Ho Yu Hui (Ms)