Poor state of City Hall MRT toilet

I was appalled at the state of the public toilet at City Hall MRT station when I used it recently.

The mirrors above the sinks were old and rusty, the toilet seat was not the right size for the toilet bowl, wall fans were used to circulate the air, and the toilet was in an overall poor sanitary condition.

City Hall is an iconic landmark of Singapore, with multiple attractions, such as the National Gallery, Padang, Chijmes, as well as shopping malls, in the vicinity.

For an area that experiences high human traffic, having just two cubicles in the toilet is definitely not adequate.

With the many activities going on all year round, a great Singapore experience should surely include a decent toilet environment at a prime location in a city that prides itself on its cleanliness.

I hope the authorities will rectify the situation to preserve Singapore's clean First World city image.

Claudia Wong Siying (Ms)