Play Pokemon Go responsibly

In playing Pokemon Go, people should know the boundaries and take heed of what is allowed and what isn't ("Pokemania hits Singapore"; Sunday).

They should not even need a warning from the authorities to know that trespassing - whether into military camps, airbases or someone's home - will not be tolerated.

People should also be aware of their surroundings when playing the game. It is best not to play near roads, as doing so can distract you from looking out for oncoming vehicles.

People should also avoid playing the game in crowded areas, as their belongings can get stolen without their knowledge.

Apart from taking care of our own safety, we should be careful not to offend others. Pointing the phone camera right at a person's face when trying to catch a Pokemon, for instance, may lead to misunderstanding.

Pokemon Go lovers should learn to be responsible players.

Lan Ran, 16, Secondary 4 student