Play National Day songs in malls

When my friend and I were at Raffles City mall on Aug 10, we were surprised to hear National Day songs being played.

It warmed our hearts and evoked a sense of national pride and patriotism.

It made me wonder what happened to the annual airing of National Day songs on radio and TV, prior to the parade.

In recent years, we barely hear the National Day songs, much less know how to sing them.

If malls and department stores can play jingles and tunes to welcome festive occasions such as Chinese New Year and Christmas, why not do the same for National Day?

It would be exciting to hear National Day songs playing in malls and supermarkets in the weeks prior to National Day and even a week or two after.

Perhaps the songs could ignite a sense of pride in all of us, and inspire us to stand and sing together during this meaningful occasion that commemorates our nation's independence and success.

Olivine Tan Ting Jia (Ms)