Phelps still has much to offer in swimming

Even though Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, is looking to retire from competitive swimming after the Rio Olympics, many believe he still has much to offer in the sport.

It would thus be a major coup if the Singapore Swimming Association, with some corporate sponsorship, is able to invite Phelps as a consultant here to conduct clinics, be it on a short-, medium- or long-term basis.

Such a move will greatly excite and benefit many of our coaches and swimmers, as Phelps could impart priceless knowledge relating to training schedules and techniques which he has acquired over the years.

On the off-chance that Phelps and his family are happy to settle down in Singapore with his very own swimming consultancy, it would help Singapore become a swimming hub in Asia. His presence would attract coaches and swimmers from Asian countries and beyond.

Marcus Tan Tuan Hin