Patrons' bond to cafe can't be replaced

I read with disappointment the impending exit of the Buddy Hoagies Cafe and Grill from the Nee Soon South Community Club ("Cafe's impending exit surprises patrons"; May 21).

The CC has failed to understand the emotional bond the cafe's patrons have for the place.

How many times have we regretted the demise of a place we had attachment to, when it has to make way for progress?

In this case, allowing KFC, a ubiquitous fast-food joint, to replace Buddy Hoagies, a family restaurant clearly beloved among the patrons there, over a higher bid appears both short-sighted and lacking the spirit behind the avowed mission of the People's Association (PA) - which is chiefly "to build and to bridge communities in achieving one people, one Singapore".

We have to understand that some things cannot be measured by dollars and cents. As a non-profit centre, the CC could have been more sensitive to the needs of the residents.

Also, the PA should have been more supportive of Buddy Hoagies, a home-grown enterprise, especially when KFC can well afford to go to any mall.

Vicky Chong Cheng Yee (Madam)