Participants challenged to be resourceful, think out of the box

We thank Jenny Ma Junyi for sharing her Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) experience (Go beyond physical skills at OBS; Voices of Youth, April 20).

We are heartened to learn that Jenny and her watch mates benefited from their four-day Youth Navigator Programme, which is designed to facilitate self-discovery, character development and basic leadership skills.

Participants embark on expeditions around Pulau Ubin and take part in adventure challenge activities that build confidence among our young people.

We value Jenny's suggestions and agree with her that outdoor adventure education goes beyond physical skills.

Since 1967, the OBS has initiated various local and global programmes that facilitate experiential learning in an outdoor setting.

Some of our programmes include the 21-day classic challenge course and the five-day programme for youth leaders.

These programmes challenge our young people to think out of the box, and push them to be resourceful and creative in achieving their mission objective.

We also encourage self-reflection among our young people to internalise the lessons learnt, shaping them to be resilient and confident.

As outdoor education is vital to youth development, we endeavour to impact as many young people coming from diverse education and socioeconomic backgrounds as possible.

Through the five-day MOE-OBS Secondary 3 Programme, we create maximal opportunities for shared experiences among young people of diverse backgrounds.

Students from different institutions work with their team mates to tackle challenges in unfamiliar settings outside of their comfort zones.

These experiences enable young people to develop leadership skills, confidence and resilience - important values that help prepare them to face future challenges and build a better Singapore together.

We also aim to inspire our young people to be compassionate and active citizens, empowering them to serve and contribute to the community.

Environmental conservation programmes such as Project Island-a-Hand provides opportunities for participants to give back to the environment and learn how to protect natural biodiversity.

Ng Thian Choon

Deputy Director (Programmes & Partnerships)

Outward Bound Singapore