Parking not a problem at two parks

The National Parks Board's reply ("Charged parking at parks to regulate usage, prevent abuse", July 23) gives the impression that there is frequent abuse of parking spaces at the 18 carparks listed.

I disagree that this is happening at Pasir Ris Park and Woodlands Waterfront Park, which I have frequently visited for years.

At certain hours, there are ample parking lots available. One cannot help but feel that during such hours, imposing charged parking is merely a revenue-generating move.

Hence, the suggestion by park users ("Parking at popular park? You'll have to pay"; July 24) to impose charges only when demand is high must be given due consideration.

Offering free parking at parks encourages more to visit and helps promote a healthy lifestyle.

Are the parking abuses so rampant that the costs outweigh these benefits? The authorities should bear this in mind, and not be overzealous in curbing parking abuses.

Yang Zhongcheng