Overreaction to kiss in musical

I am very disappointed that the Media Development Authority has been swayed by complainants whose blinkers guide their narrow attitudes ("Les Miz same-sex kiss scene cut after public complaints"; June 12).

Les Miserables is an amazing musical, but it seems many of us are held hostage by people who appear unable to discern pornography from artistry and creativity.

The complainants choose to focus on one man giving another man a peck - let's not call it a "gay kiss"- during a wedding dance scene, while ignoring the totality of the musical.

That scene in question should be viewed as a comical, light-hearted one, juxtaposed against the loves and lives lost during a revolution.

We cannot allow such manipulation time and again from narrow-minded conservatives (remember the National Library Board's removal of a children's book based on the true story of two male penguins which hatched an egg?) ("NLB pulls 3 kids' books off its shelves"; July 9, 2014).

Corinne Fong (Ms)