Orlando gunman acted against Islam

The massacre at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, is against the teachings of Islam.

Indeed, Muslims the world over would be ashamed of gunman Omar Mateen, who murdered people in the holy month of Ramadan, the time when Muslims observe Islamic acts of righteousness such as improving oneself through restraint, endurance, charity, love and compassion.

While Omar was killing, another Muslim was helping people to safety - the club's bouncer, Mr Imran Yousuf, who saved the lives of as many as 70 people ("Former US Marine may have saved 70"; June 17).

Although everyone would agree that saving lives is a natural, righteous act of any human being, it is difficult to know why a person would want to attack innocent people. It could be for any reason, ranging from revenge to radicalism or mental illness.

This inability to pinpoint the actual reason for an attack on civilians is why Singapore wants every adult in this country to look out for anyone in the family having an inclination towards radicalism or any other dangerous tendency.

People should also refrain from coffee shop chit-chat that hinges on Islamophobia, as this might result in a hate-filled notion of Islam and Muslims.

The community should not be blamed for the misdeeds of a few - for while the few wreak havoc, more people in the same community extend their hands in friendship, compassion and helpfulness.

Shaik Kadir